Fantasy Draft

Build your own Hardcore streamer card deck and gain points based on their success. Create the most successful team and win nice prizes.

What is the Road to Ragnaros Fantasy Draft?

Select 1 streamer from each tier. Tier 1 streamers are the least skilled when it comes to hardcore leveling, Tier 5 streamers are the most skilled, and Wildcard streamers there to keep things spicy. Each time one of your streamers gains a level, your team gains 1 point, and each time one of your streamers completes a new dungeon for the first time, your team gains 5 points. Additionally, if one of your streamers hits 60 on day 4, you gain 40 bonus points, day 5 you gain 30 bonus points, day 6 you gain 20 bonus points, and if they hit 60 on day 7 you gain 10 bonus points. Keep in mind, if one of your streamers dies, you lose all of the points they’ve earned and they must re-start their leveling process from scratch.

Tier 1

Common Hardcore Levelers

Tier 2

Uncommon Hardcore Levelers

Tier 3

Rare Hardcore Levelers

Tier 4

Epic Hardcore Levelers

Tier 5

Legendary Hardcore Levelers


OMEGALUL Hardcore Levelers


Road to Ragnaros Shirt & Hoody

Place 1

Road to Ragnaros Hoody

Place 2-3

Road to Ragnaros Shirt or Cap

Place 4-10

$75 Ultimate Mega TBC, SOM, Era & Dungeon Cleave Guide


$32.99 Power Gum Package


$35 Both Faction Season of Mastery Guide

TOP 6-25